Las palabras se diluyen en un océano de pensamientos mal habidos. Que fuerte suenan las agujas del reloj cuando la vida se acelera. Que tristes son las primaveras sin verte con tu vestido cereza. El despojo se apodera de las últimas gotas de esperanza que brotan de un corazón desgarrado de latir por los mismos ojos y por los mismos labios. Ahora las mañanas son siempre de resaca y las noches un misterio. Me pierdo en el enigma de las botellas de ron y los ceniceros. La vida al final no es más  que una alucinación y el amor, la droga por definición.

©️ Gabriel Berm



Swiping and swiping

Swiping my tears away

Swiping my loneliness

Swiping all my heartbreaks

Auctioning my love

Begging for some crumbs

Yet still having hope

That someday 

I’ll need to swipe no more

©️ Gabriel Berm


I said what I had to

Yet my soul feels like it needs more

I wrote all the poems that I could about your smile

Yet I’m here thinking about it every night

I am supposed to be over you

Yet my heart beats faster when I’m with you

Without you my inspiration is gone

Without your eyes this world would be dull

Forgive me

For not letting all of this turn to dust

Forgive me if perhaps

There’s some love for you left in my heart

© Gabriel Berm


Lo siento cariño pero no me canso de prometer
No te miento si te digo que vendería mis ojos si estos no te pudieran ver
No te miento cuando quiero que tu nombre sea mi último aliento
No te miento si digo que en las madrugadas me desvelo por pensar en tu sonrisa de modelo
No te miento cuando escribo estas palabras y solo en ti pienso
No te miento si te digo que con la vida perdí la apuesta
No te miento si te digo que conquistar tus labios sería mi mayor proeza
No te miento cuando te digo que nuestro amor se lo llevó el viento
Y que yo como un loco desesperado todavía lo sigo persiguiendo

© Gabriel Berm

Shooting Star

Your eyes seem to me like shooting stars

The words you say simply rhyme in my head

Oh what I would give for you

If not my life then my entire heart 

For you to not ever cry

Unless it is because you smile

For you to not feel alone

Because I’ve been here all along

© Gabriel Berm


My soul

In your hands is

Come and kiss me just once

Hinder not my love

Enlighten my life with your brown eyes

Love me like you love a shooting star

Look at me like I’m the one

Expel me from your life if none of that has a chance

© Gabriel Berm

A Photo of You

Tonight I saw a photo of you. You were smiling, the same smile I remember witnessing live and just inches away from my face, close enough to see the tiniest detail. I saw you lips as well and barely remembered how they felt against mine and how soft your face was to the touch. Then I couldn’t help but notice your bright eyes and remembering when we looked at each other and somehow knew everything was going to be fine. I caress my cheek trying to recall how your small hands felt. I try to remember your voice telling me that you loved me and the smell of your perfume. Some things are impossible to understand but I believe the reason behind that is that the beauty in those things is precisely not understanding them, what I feel for you even after all this time is perhaps one of those beautiful mysteries.

© Gabriel Berm

I Don’t want what I never had

Who would’ve said that after being my one and only inspiration for everything ranging from life itself to writing and painting I would end up absolutely out of inspiration? You were the muse of my midnight tales and my watercolor paintings and now, you’re nothing but a memory. A memory not even strong enough to write a short verse or a poem that doesn’t rhyme. Even your lack of love meant dozens of hours of melancholic entertainment. Your lips aren’t the lips I once wondered how they would feel with mine. They just seem like anyone’s lips. Your eyes are not the mysterious constellation that trapped me and lift me to the heavens anymore. Your voice isn’t that sweet song that I used to listen carefully. The truth is that I don’t love you anymore, I don’t feel a thing for you anymore, but I somehow cherish that feeling you gave me. You gave me hope even if I already knew there wasn’t a chance. The idea of “you” made me wonder how it would be like to be by your side. Now I don’t care who’s by your side, I couldn’t care less if it were me or that guy you always talked about. I cherish how I felt, my heart is now full yet my life feels empty.

© Gabriel Berm


Las madrugadas son mañanas por ti


Las horas son segundos

Y en un minuto te pido un sí absoluto

Los latidos de mi corazón hoy están de luto

Pues tus manos no son mías sino del mundo

Espero que la palabra “nosotros” 

No sea más que un sueño iluso

Pues tus labios mi perdición son

Un beso tuyo la última bendición es

Tus brazos un refugio cálido siempre serán

Y un abrazo

La forma más sincera de decir te amo eternamente fue

© Gabriel Berm

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