Rhyme #7

Your eyes were as big as my doubts

Your words less hard than I thought

The love 

Unrequited as it must

Yet my hands were shaking as you talked

Your smile prevented me to cry

The reason why

Shall only be known by the stars in the sky

For all of those things are barely memories

And I’m not the one you want in your routine

My God what I would give for you to see me

In the way that you see him

My God what I would give 

For you to say the words “I do too”

When I say I love you

© Gabriel Berm


Quisiera encontrar una forma de decirte que te quiero sin tener que decirlo, una forma de decirte que por las mañanas al desayunar es en ti en quien no dejo de pensar. Decirte que son tus ojos los únicos que ponen mi corazón a bailar. Decirte que son tus manos las que quiero tomar. Explicarte con exceso de adjetivos calificativos lo perfectos que son tus besos. Soñar contigo hasta que se me acaben los sueños. Contar las estrellas del cielo y agradecerle a Dios y al universo por ese momento. Sentarnos a la orilla del mar y ver a los niños hace castillos de arena sin protector solar. Echar el cambio en una alcancia en forma de cerdito. Sostenerte el espejo cuando te vayas a maquillar. Abrazarte cuando sientas que el mundo ya no da para más. Contarnos las canas, recogerte del trabajo. Querida mía, lo que yo quiero es el futuro a tu lado.

© Gabriel Berm

Review: Looking for Alaska (HULU)

The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.

John Green, Looking for Alaska

This weekend I spent a day watching the new Hulu adaptation —not sponsored, I wish— of John Green’s first novel “Looking For Alaska.” I read this book in a moment of my life in which every single word there felt, true. As teenagers, we tend to fall somewhere between feeling that the world hates us and feeling that the world isn’t aware we exist. As a skinny guy myself, Miles aka Pudge’s life became somehow the life I wished I was living. I have got to admit this was the first time I truly wanted to cry after reading a work of fiction, John’s excruciatingly well-described scenarios made me mourn for Alaska as if she was my friend. After a few days of re-reading parts of the book, I started thinking about how much I would hate a movie of this wonderful novel, two and a half hours wouldn’t even make a dent in the underlying subjects of the book. When John announced this series I was terrified yet hopeful, if done right this would easily become one of my favorite book-to-movie adaptations ever. So, I eagerly waited for the release for months. The trailer didn’t cut it for me, I feared the novel would be dumbed down for newer generations or even worse, make the characters and the dialogue cheesy, but it didn’t. Although Alaska wasn’t how I imagined her —we all have our own version of Alaska and that’s fine— Kristine did a fantastic work, not to mention the admirable performances of Charlie, Denny, and Jay. They all felt real. The 8-episode limited series nailed the screenplay. Staying true to the source material while adding some little things here and there. Those additions felt natural and believable. Exploring deeper all the main characters as well as secondary such as The Eagle, felt awesome. Just seeing Culver Creek in real life, outside my head was —for lack of better word— magical. So, the “Looking for Alaska” series made me feel at high school again and revived in me every little emotion from the book. When Alaska said “To be continued” I believed it again and hoped she would somehow, come back. This article’s last words will be: beautifully portrayed.

© Gabriel Berm


There’s something I like about you, I’m sure there is. There must be. Your eyes? Perhaps. Your smile? I wouldn’t lie if I say it might. Your way of life? That could be somehow. If it’s not all of that then what is what I want? Is it the fact that you’re not with me but you’re with them? Is it the no so tender way you talk to me? Or is it the fact that you just don’t like me?

©️ Gabriel Berm


Las palabras se diluyen en un océano de pensamientos mal habidos. Que fuerte suenan las agujas del reloj cuando la vida se acelera. Que tristes son las primaveras sin verte con tu vestido cereza. El despojo se apodera de las últimas gotas de esperanza que brotan de un corazón desgarrado de latir por los mismos ojos y por los mismos labios. Ahora las mañanas son siempre de resaca y las noches un misterio. Me pierdo en el enigma de las botellas de ron y los ceniceros. La vida al final no es más  que una alucinación y el amor, la droga por definición.

©️ Gabriel Berm


I said what I had to

Yet my soul feels like it needs more

I wrote all the poems that I could about your smile

Yet I’m here thinking about it every night

I am supposed to be over you

Yet my heart beats faster when I’m with you

Without you my inspiration is gone

Without your eyes this world would be dull

Forgive me

For not letting all of this turn to dust

Forgive me if perhaps

There’s some love for you left in my heart

© Gabriel Berm